Migrating my blog to static pages

For many years, I have maintained my blog on blogger.com. Though I find it is a really-easy-to-use blogging platform, I am still unsatisfied with the lack of many necessary features. Many of my frustration when using blogger.com are:

We have so many newer blogging platforms now. With my growing frustrations with the product, I find it is time to migrate my blog to use a better technology.

I used to use Jekyll in my previous team blog but I did not like it. Typing build commands and waiting for the result introducts enough latency to discourage me from writing a new blog post. We could build a build server to automate the process but I did not like that solution. Substack looks interesting to me as everyone seems using it. I gave it a try but did not feel right about it. I am sure it is my feeling problem at the time rather than product’s issues. When kipalog.com was closed, I tried to move old blog posts to static pages with Cloudflare page with Hugo. The builtin CI lets me say goodbye to the drudgery of tedious build tasks. I now can focus on writing markdown.

I migrated many old posts to this new blog while skipping outdated and unecessary posts.

This blog now is served by Cloudflare Page with static content generated by Hugo. The source code of this blog is Github.

Hope I will blog more often :-)